Surfing for everyone.The way it should be...

No judgements. No skill requirements. Just pure fun supplied by the ocean and Dirty Rotten Surfboards. We’ve created the ultimate brand for anyone that wants to be part of the surfing culture. The perfect boards to get you started and get you frothing in no time.

We recognised that making a start in surfing is the hardest thing to do. We get it, and we’re the brand for you. A board for everyone… beginner, intermediate and the advanced surfer… take a look here.

We’re built locally.

Only quality Aussie craftsmanship that’s been tried and tested by beginners to some of the best local talent around. Buy online and get FREE FCS Fins today, or call into the Overboard megastore based in Wollongong to get ‘hands-on’ with a new board. Great deals to get you started in your new journey and be a part the greatest thing in the world… surfing!